Whichever teeth whitening procedure you choose there are few rules you will have to follow.

There are a lot of myths around like “no coffee for a week” or “only white food for 3 days”. Basically they tell you to stop drinking and eating altogether! 🙂

The rules for home teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening aftercare are the same. The only difference is that if you are whitening your teeth at home – follow them for 2 hours after you take the whitening trey out of your mouth, and for 48 hours after the Laser teeth whitening treatment.


– smoking
– red wine
– dark juices and colas
– coffee or tee
– dark sauces
– soy sauce
– curry

You can:

– brush your teeth as per normal
– drink clear or light colored drinks (apple juice is ok!)
– fruits
– breads and diary
– meat and fish
– oats
– vegetables (except of beetroot!)
– grains
– pasta (no red sauce!)

You have to follow this rules for max 48 hours! It’s not that bad, is it?