Is the non-peroxide teeth whitening gel really effective?

The non-peroxide whitening solutions are on the market for approx 2 years. They were introduced in Ireland due to the new EU regulations (from 2012). Before the only option for whitening was either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide base gel. They were very effective but unfortunately have a lot of side effects like sensitivity, dehydration or chemical burn.

In the non-peroxide gel the active ingredient is sodium perborate or sodium bicarbonate. It breaks down as soon as it’s applied on the teeth and activated oxygen molecules remove the stains! This gel can be used with home whitening treys but also works very well with UV light-free laser accelerator lamps.

The only minus of the non-peroxide whitening gel is a slightly longer treatment time

Gold standard for the in-clinic teeth whitening is 1 full hour of laser (usually divided into 2 x 30 mins or 3 x 20 mins sessions all done in 1 day). If you want to use Take Home Kit only, expect visibly whiter teeth after 5 – 7 consecutive days (30 minutes per day). The whitest shades are achieved by combining 2 methods. Laser Whitening gives you a “kick-start” and THK will help to stabilize the shade or to brighten teeth a bit more. Clients state that the effect is very long lasting! Almost everybody can use a home kit containing peroxide safely (after initial consult with the dentist), but there is certainly no need to since a great non-peroxide kit will do the job just as well using entirely natural and safe ingredients.

In conclusions, the non-peroxide gels are virtually as effective as the peroxide-based but without the potential downside danger of sore throat, chemical burning of the gums, or increased sensitivity of the teeth.

In our Clinic we us MINT whitening system. Take Home Kit has everything you might need – beautiful package (great as a gift!), detailed instructions, set of treys and the best non-peroxide gel on the market (ideal combination of both sodium perborate and sodium bicarbonate!). Plus it cost only €80 and we didn’t receive any complains – only good reviews!