Did you and/or your loved one finally quit smoking? That’s great news!

Unfortunately, evidence of this bed habit is still visible when you smile. Regular whitening toothpaste or dental scale and polish treatment can only remove superficial stains. And you deserve a white smile!
First step towards the bright smile is a visit to your Dental Hygienist. She’ll clean your teeth and show you how to brush and floss in order to keep the stains and tartar away from your teeth. Next, talk to one of the teeth whitening specialist at Perfect White Smiles clinic in Malahide about professional teeth whitening treatment. Usually ex smokers require use of combination of 2 teeth whitening methods to achieve best results – Laser Teeth Whitening and Take Home Kit. Remember, only Dentist can prescribe stronger whitening gels after initial consultation!
Laser teeth Whitening will leave you with 5 – 12 brighter teeth after only 1 hour of treatment and Take Home Kit will give you option of making them even brighter and maintain the shade at home! It’s not as expensive as you might think! Prices start at e80, plus consultation with us is free and part of every package. Why wait? You deserve it!