In internet you can find a lot of articles, blog posts or even YouTube videos showing how to whiten teeth using products everyone has at home.

Unfortunately most of this methods is not effective – or worse – can damage your teeth! Among others, wrongly recommended products are: lemon juice, baking soda or rock salt. If you really think it can work – you are wrong! Most of people who used this methods state that there give barely noticeable or zero results. Plus they can cause severe sensitivity or even pain around the gum area.

Side effects:

Lemon – can cause permanent damage to the tooth enamel through acid erosion. Enamel is getting thinner and teeth become more yellow. Not the desired result at all!
Baking soda – initially the results seem to be quite noticeable but it doesn’t last long. Tooth enamel becomes weak and much more susceptible to staining.
Similar aside effects we can observe when using all the other less known “home teeth whitening products” like carbon, banana peel or other we won’t even mention here. There is no miracle remedy that will make your teeth white in 5 minutes at home.

There are only 2 methods proven successful – laser teeth whitening and professional take home whitening kit. They might not be as cheap as 1 kg of lemons or baking soda, but you can be sure that there will be no damage to your teeth and you will achieve desired result.

You always should ask your dentist or a dental professional for advice. We will be happy to answer all your questions and choose the method that will suit your needs and won’t damage your teeth AND your wallet!
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