Did you thing that pursuit of the white smile is associated with XXI century? You couldn’t be more wrong! In reality it all started much, much earlier.

Chewing sticks.

The history of teeth whitening goes as far as to ancient times. 3000 b.c. people used small sticks to clean teeth. They were chewed to get rid of the food debris. Some of the twigs also had the antibacterial properties which helped keep the mouth healthy. This teeth cleaning method is still used in some populations!

First toothpastes.

It was first used around 4000 years ago by Egyptians. It was nothing else but a mix of pumice powder and vinegar, rubbed against the teeth with a finger. In the ancient Egypt the white smile was very important – it symbolised health and wealth!

Teeth Whitening properties of…urine!

This teeth whitening method was invented by Romans. And they were right – ammonium in the urine is really working! Apparently the most effective was urine of children and…Portuguese  In modern days a lot of whitening agents contain ammonium.

Tooth brushes.

First toothbrushes – quite similar to those used today – were first invented in China around 1498. European merchants brought a few with them home but unfortunately for years to come they weren’t commonly used….

Beginning of “professional” teeth whitening.

In XVII century barbers were also dentists! They were applying acids to remove stains and tartar. The results were noticeable but also caused severe acid erosion and teeth became more susceptible to decay…

The most popular – also used today – hydrogen peroxide based solutions began to be popular at the beginning of XIX century First used as an antiseptic liquid in gum disease, It started to show amazing side effects – teeth became whiter!

As you can see we came long to get to the pain free teeth whitening we have now! Non- peroxide gels are in use only for the last 2 years. Laser lamps become more and more effective every year. One thing is a constant – you have to make sure that you allow only the Dentist/Dental Professional to whiten your teeth. Because really – how much a beautician can know about teeth? Don’t chance it! Get a proper advise.