We decided to open the Perfect White Smiles Clinic to help people smile.

Most of our Patients don’t even realize what a huge difference a bright, white smile can make to the quality of their life. We are so happy to read the thank you emails we receive from people who are really surprised with the final result of the Laser in clinic Teeth Whitening.

Thank you for giving me my smile back! I hated being photographed before but now I can’t stop smiling. Will be back in 6 months for my top up!

Treatment itself is a simple pain free procedure, taking up to 90 minutes. It starts with a consultation – up to 20 minutes. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and express your expectations. The whole process will be explained to you and the note of the start shade will be taken. Our team is very experienced and will be able to show you on the shade guide what kind of a result you can expect after 30 minutes or an hour of Laser Whitening. If you’ll be happy with what we say the treatment can begin. The length of the procedure is tailored to your needs – max we can do in 1 day is 3 x 20 min sessions. That is the gold standard for the first time patients.