What to do if you want to look younger and whiten your teeth, but you don’t want to cause any harm to your precious pearlies?

The teeth whitening treatment remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile. There are various ways to whiten your teeth. The two most common are:

  • professional in-office treatment
  • do-it-yourself approach, with Take Home Whitening Kit

The most effective whitening method will vary from person to person.

That is the main reason why in our Clinic consultation in free and part of every package. We will check the shade of your teeth, advise which method is the best for you and what kind of a result you can expect with the Laser Teeth Whitening or the Take Home Whitening Kit.

Our experience shows that professional whitening procedures give the most efficacious results, especially when followed up by the at-home regimen to stabilize the whitening. In-office whitening affects only the front twelve teeth and is a great jump start for take-home whitening, which always should be the part of an effective whitening program.

The success of whitening depends primarily on the following factors:

  • quality of whitening gels
  • quality of the laser lamp
  • contact time – which is the amount of time the whitening gel is on the tooth and exposed to the laser light
  • consistency – number of days you stick to your whitening regimen (Home Whitening System)

If you worry about the sensitivity the non-peroxide gel should be your choice for both laser in-clinic teeth whitening and home system. It is as effective as the peroxide based solution. In very rare cases it might need prolonged treatment time, but you can be a 100% sure that you won’t experience sensitivity at any stage of the procedure.