Are you afraid of sensitivity associated with laser teeth whitening? Fear no more!

Will I feel any sensitivity during and/or after in-clinic teeth whitening treatment? This is usually the first and most common question we hear. After all, you can find so many terrifying stories online!

Laser teeth whitening treatment changed a lot – even within last 2 years.

Before, to achieve good result, Dentists had to use high % peroxide gels and lamps which accelerated the whitening process with UV light. Basically they heated up the very strong peroxide gel so it could penetrate the enamel of your teeth a bit better. That usually caused severe dehydration which is the main reason for sensitivity both during and after in-clinic power teeth whitening.

Now the situation has changed. Modern lamps (like the BEYOND power whitening accelerator we chose) use UV filtering lens to produce “the cool light”. As a result the laser light can be much more intense and the whole whitening process takes only up to 1 hour. Plus the new generation gels we use have very little or no peroxide whatsoever!

In conclusion, the answer is NO. You won’t feel any sensitivity! But always make sure to ask for non-peroxide gel and UV light free accelerator lamp. #SMILE